A river pouring into the sea


Strength is more connected than strategy; it is in its attribute, more honest, more involved, more real, and more resolute than any crafted calculation could ever be. Underestimating an opponent can sideline me. It is a secluded offside, estranged from life, carried only within the self. It underestimates the strength of the other; underestimates the peaceful warriors in their encounter. I surrender to the power of the morning, needing no strategy to wake up. The body possesses the knowledge, its own intelligence, in which I can trust. And there it is, the power of primal trust, moving me like a river towards the sea. The ocean with its currents and waves, tides and life-giving abilities, simply exists here. An ocean that, when it surges, gives and takes life. And so I lose myself in the ebb and flow of the living; I allow myself to embrace the „wisdom of the uncertain.“ Strategy, on the other hand, takes away life from me – in its experienceability, it confines me to a mental idea that finds its existence in the unwaiting. I respect my opponent in their truthfulness, respect them by „welcoming“ what seemingly separates. And so, I am the river, the pouring into the sea, meeting more of what I am; the Ocean itself.

Schriften & Poesie

Nichts Tun
A river pouring into the sea